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The fight against ebola 51 angels in the road

Date: 2014-11-15

Against ebola 51 white angels on November 14, on the way, a new batch of the fight against the ebola medical team in China for the ceremony is held in the capital airport, from shenyang military region 51 nursing backbone temporarily don't relatives, formal embark on a journey of Liberia in west Africa ebola epidemic area. Shenyang military area command "resistance," medical teams to Africa 51 members, a lot of people have experienced international peacekeeping, disaster relief, such as experience in the fight against SARS. They don't but medical backbone forces, also is a pillar in the home. The medical team captain yi 87 - year - old father had surgery for cancer of the stomach, is in the hospital recovering; Vice captain Zou Deli father was diagnosed with lung cancer before stage, chemotherapy is; Players li-hui wang is the son of high school have diabetes... But no one player for family reasons refused to task. War on the eve of the medical team still seize every second for training, focus on prevention and control of the ebola virus, intensive treatment, safety knowledge to learn.
In another development, a Red Cross to the shenyang military area command hospitals in shenyang donation nearly 6 million yuan worth of medicine, infectious disease protection for frontline staff. (image by the shenyang military area command LianQinBu