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"Shenyang collective contract regulations effective as of yesterday

Date: 2014-11-16

"Shenyang collective contract regulations take effect as of yesterday, on November 15," shenyang collective contract regulations. Do you want to collective negotiation? Collective contract for legal obligation? On the same day, the city's union system to carry out the "shenyang collective contract regulations propaganda activities, gives a clear answer to these questions: worker and unit of choose and employ persons ought to establish a collective bargaining mechanism, having equal consultations on matters related to labor relations.
Special care to the worker's income, city federation of trade unions, head of law and democratic management Gao Wenfeng explained: "byelaw" regulation, the collective contract of labor compensation and working conditions, such as standard, shall not be less than the minimum standards set by the municipal government, unit of choose and employ persons and worker individual to conclude the labor contract labor remuneration and working conditions such as standard, shall not be lower than the collective contract. If it is below the collective contract, to be executed in accordance with the collective contract.