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Shenyang bus DongYun on GPS dispatch system is enabled

Date: 2014-11-16

Report from our correspondent (huashang morning journal Chinese ring network reporter Chen Chanchan) "car to stop after a few seconds, two car distance", yesterday morning, the 217 bus station in beiling park "series of car", intelligent bus dispatch system commands.
Is shenyang bus DongYun yesterday on the first day, the city's bus run smoothly, intelligent dispatching system "game".
Experience: 5 points to buses
Smooth operation of yesterday
Yesterday was the first day, bus DongYun falls on Saturday, travel peak has more working days to delay 1 hour or so.
The bus is good? Reporter experienced several bus lines.
At 8:40, the reporter in the fairy lake park station etc. Car, just to the station to a 206 and a 283 road car, the car seat is already full, but not crowded in the hallway. The car is not cold. At 43 points, a vega second-line bus stops. 4 minutes later, a vega second-line stops again.
Then a taxi reporters came to shenyang transport for bus station, it was 9.
After waiting for two minutes, come with the 166 road car, and a number of reserve. After two minutes, and to a number of reserve.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter understands from shenyang transport, DongYun on each enterprise security good, line operation, relatively stable. The whole city more than 5400 sets all scheme with the car running, the key to solve the peak in the morning and evening, starting accumulated more than 49000 times throughout the day, all trains completion rate above 96%.
At the same time, the management of city transport organization launched on line operation, vehicle heater open, such as vehicle health and order for inspection, launch vehicles in accordance with the provisions, open a warm wind, all cars temperature significantly promoted, the industry is not an accident and cart every situation.
Intelligence: the background capture "series of car" and "cart across the"
The starting adjustment
This bus DongYun highlight is the formal application intelligent scheduling system. Besides some old vehicles, shenyang 4100 buses have installed GPS system, and the bus company and transport for intelligent command center connected to the Internet. Which route "cart" isolation, which route "series of car", all the car driving conditions in scheduling screen be clear at a glance.
Yesterday morning 6, dispatching command center personnel mount guard.
At present, the city has more than 160 public bus lines, several personnel division of labor is different, each "at" with dozens of lines. Once found abnormal issued instructions to the company, the company will be according to the actual situation to the team and driver commands.
9 when 30 points, staff found 217 road on the screen in the beiling park has two "arrow" (on behalf of the two buses) together side by side.
"This is what we say 'the line of cars'", the staff and then click on the "video shooting", one car car dynamic.
"Many people the car, and the initial guess because passengers more people stop time is long, the car will keep up with." Staff said, in this case, we can inform the company issued a "station (in) stop (car) for a few seconds" instructions, let the car distance.
At 10, the staff and see the 232 in emperor temple square, west and north market both stand no buses running. Then click on the two station before and after the two vehicles, and found that the car's passengers.
"This is due to get in the car, and stop after a long time." After then, the staff to the company issued a "car slightly accelerate" instructions, "this is in order to make the vehicle more uniform intervals, actually this two cars car in about 5 minutes, or acceptable," added staff, "from the dispatch center master, overall vehicle running chart shows very uniform today, 'cart', 'the line of cars' rarely, such as the overall work well."
Real-time video can be stored inside the car for three days
The vehicle traveling data recorder function
How the system can take off the picture? It turns out that there is a video above point is located in the cab, the driver job status, whether violations were recorded. In addition, the car and the door after also have a camera, how do you like our car order, is there a pickpocket can be recorded.
"Traffic restrictions, the real-time video can only store three days, we will download the data to disk," staff member introduction, "in addition to video, we can also take photographs captured in the background, to return the evidence."
In addition, the road in front of the vehicle can be recorded. Have the effect of vehicle traveling data recorder.