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"Taishan school, entered the shenyang" Chinese painting exhibition in liao

Date: 2014-12-18

HuiShi calligraphy painters, and she set. On November 15, the reporter learned that, by shandong province artist association, taian municipal party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China, taian literature artistic circles federation co-sponsored, taian artists association to undertake the "mount tai school, entered the shenyang" Chinese painting exhibition on this month 18 to 22, held in liaoning province art gallery, many of the products will bring a shenyang citizens art feast.
According to introducing, "mount tai" is in line with the excellent cultural classic in succession development, spread to carry forward the Chinese civilization and the premise of mount tai culture, with an open mind, in the spirit of mount tai for motif, in the traditional Chinese painting as the main body style, compatible with each picture. The exhibition, a total of more than 70 works on display in the "taishan school" of more than 70 masters with creative ability of painting and calligraphy, and both of them in painting and calligraphy apostate the twenties and the thirties of last century, there are 40 or 50 s calligraphy and painting elite, more sixties and seventies calligraphy and painting talent. This "taishan school" will work to shenyang, want to member of the calligraphy and painting, contribute to both more extensive in the field of culture and communication